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This page was created for two reasons. One, to show what good design can do for a boring website about something common and two, to show off my Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time tattoo. My primary goal is to make a website with good functionality and some common features (guestbook) based on a popular topic look great. I will use my skills and education as a web designer to make this happen using only CSS, HTML and PHP. This website is also designed to help Robots/Spiders like the Googlebot, MSNbot and Inktomi Slurp search the web and give higher hit counts for people who use it. I made a simple page to add a link to my site.

My secondary goal is to take as any pictures as possible, showing each phase of the tattooing process. The images that are displayed on this page have been greatly compressed from the originals. The camera that I used to take this pictures, takes the originals as six mega pixel, larger then 1MB, 2816 x 2112 images. This is much larger than necessary but I thought that some of you may want to see the originals because they do show a great deal of detail. Underneath each image and description, there is another larger-size image. I have cropped the focus of each image but have kept everything else in tact. The file size for these images is listed next to each image.

If you would like to link to this page, feel free. I would like to know if you are linking to me. If you want to put your link on my site you can add it here. Just fill out the quick form and it adds itself. If you don't want to have a link on my site, please let me know via e-mail.

Here we go on the second session, lets jump right in shall we? In this first image you can see that the boots on adult Link have been completed. The majority of his gloves are also done. This shows adult link taking form.

Larger Image (2392 x 1578 - 2.16MB)
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As you can see the purple circle is done. I really think this was a good call on Thad's part. It really make the rest of the image stand out.

Larger Image (1824 x 1296 - 1.37MB)
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Adult Link's legs are done as well as the bottom of the light beam. The next image is a better image of the leg work. This is about the time that my back started to hurt. A few days after the session was done I developed some pretty painful bruises around area. Apperantly that happens...

Larger Image (1824 x 1278 - 1.63MB)
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The light beam is done. This is a better image of the legs as well. We chose to leave the triforce skin colored so that when the yellows and oranges around it heals, it will stand out on its own without overpowering the rest of the image.

Larger Image (1842 x 1200 - 1.59 MB)
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This is an image of Thad at work. It falls somewhere in between the previous picture and the last.

Larger Image (1596 x 2313 - 1.85MB)
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This is the final picture. Adult Link's face is done as well as his left glove. If you look closely you can see the whites and blues in his eyes. This is better seen in the larger image.

Larger Image (1482 x 1050 - 1.00MB)
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This picture was taken 6 days after the second session. There are still a few ars thatare healing but everything is comeing along nicely. I will post a batter picture in a week or so once everything is done healing. Right now, it itches like a mo-fo.

Larger Image (1980 x 1361 - 1.79MB)
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