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This page was created for two reasons. One, to show what good design can do for a boring website about something common and two, to show off my Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time tattoo. My primary goal is to make a website with good functionality and some common features (guestbook) based on a popular topic look great. I will use my skills and education as a web designer to make this happen using only CSS, HTML and PHP. This website is also designed to help Robots/Spiders like the Googlebot, MSNbot and Inktomi Slurp search the web and give higher hit counts for people who use it. I made a simple page to add a link to my site.

My secondary goal is to take as any pictures as possible, showing each phase of the tattooing process. The images that are displayed on this page have been greatly compressed from the originals. The camera that I used to take this pictures, takes the originals as six mega pixel, larger then 1MB, 2816 x 2112 images. This is much larger than necessary but I thought that some of you may want to see the originals because they do show a great deal of detail. Underneath each image and description, there is another larger-size image. I have cropped the focus of each image but have kept everything else in tact. The file size for these images is listed next to each image.

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First Session Original Idea for my Zelda Tattoo

Original Image: This is the original image that was given to the Thaddeus for the design I wanted. It was actually taken from a wallpaper image (linked below). I cropped out the things that I did not want included and added the Tri-Force image to the top of the beam. Once this image was given to Thad, we decided that adding a circle around the base, which can be seen in the tattoo, would bring the focus of the design back to the center.

Wallpaper Image (800 x 600 - 75KB)
Larger Image (447 x 709 - 101KB)
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This picture was taken after the stencil had been appped to my skin. The line down the middle is for centering and all of the black at this point is permanent marker. You will notice that the Tri-Force on the Master Sword is not present.

Larger Image (1192 x 1832 - 1.25MB)
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The outline begins. As you can see, the outline around kid Link is now complete. As usual when beginning a new piece, we started with some skinny lines to get used to the feel of the needle piercing the skin. You will also notice that there is one line of adult Link that has been completed (thigh).

Larger Image (1416 x 1692 - 1.00MB)
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At this point the outline is almost done. Thad is finishing up the beam in the back and the next step will be to do the outline for the circle. There are also some detail lines in the boots that need to be drawn in. As you see, not all of the outline is done in black. Some of the details on the shield are in blue and the outline for the beam is in red-orange. The circle will also be in the red-orange color.

Larger Image (2488 x 2080 - 2.22 MB)
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This image was taken with me standing up. We took a quick smoke break while Thad set up the colors. The outlines are all done at this point. The detail lines in the boots and the circle are finished.

Larger Image (1420 x 2016 - 1.79MB)
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At this point kid Link is fully colored. We are making good time so we decide to continue with the shield and see where we are at that point. I take another break while another set of colors are set-up. This is the point we expected to be at in the end of our session but since we are making good time (and the only other appointment he has for the day is my girlfriend) we move on to the shield.

Larger Image (1132 x 1724 - 1.16MB)
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The shield has been fully colored, we are still making good time so we decide to move on to the Master Sword. You will also notice that the middle of Navi is also done.

Larger Image (1292 x 1800 - 1.03MB)
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At this point the Master Sword has been fully colored. It is hard to tell but there is a Tri-Force on the Sword and since it was not part of the outline, it was freehanded by Thad. It looks really hot in the next picture.

Larger Image (1340 x 1828 - 0.99MB)
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This image was taken after the first session. Some of the green on adult Links tunic in the picture is red-brown with blood, but this will be gone tomorrow, once the piece stops bleeding.

Larger Image (1256 x 1756 - 1.48MB)
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This image was taken on the day after my first session. It has been washed dried. As you can see, the tattoo has begun to scab, the beginnings of a few-week healing period. It hurts like a beast at this point and the ink stained by bed after I removed my bandage in the middle of the night. My next session isn't until April 29th, 2006 so we will have to wait until then. I will take a picture of the healed first-session tattoo before I go for my next session.

Larger Image (1208 x 1776 - 1.36MB)
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Go To the Second Session of my Zelda Tattoo

These images were taken 10 days after the first session. The first-session tattoo just about fully healed. The next session is on 04.29.2006 and that will be my final session

Larger of the First Image (1204 x 1460 - 0.90MB)
Larger of the Second Image (1512 x 2392 - 2.34MB)
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